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How To Get Better At Popping Freestyle Dance – 11 Dancing Tips

/, Dance, Video/How To Get Better At Popping Freestyle Dance – 11 Dancing Tips

How To Get Better At Popping Freestyle Dance – 11 Dancing Tips

Hi everyone. Today I bring you a throwback. This post includes the video; How To Get Better At Popping Freestyle Dance.  The video is about 11 tips that will help anyone improve their dancing; how to get better at popping freestyle is the perspective but it will help anyone looking to get better at dance.

I made this how to video a couple of years ago. Although it wasn’t that long ago, it feels light years ago; I have grown a lot since then. The video was about 3 years ago, it’s interesting how much not only things but your self can change in such a short amount of time.

For this Video post I’m going to do something I’m not going normally do for these types of posts. I would normally let the video speak for itself and give a quick description and a little behind the scenes details. But for this post I’m also going to include a blog post below. Sort of like video/blog post. The reason being is that I’ve grown a lot since that video and should include some of my improved perspective and experience about the video and its tips.

Looking back at it, I’m proud to say that even though the tips are more for beginners and intermediate dancers,  the tips are helpful to even advance dancers. So below check out the list of tips and video that discusses it.

Video Description of: 11 Dancing Tips – How to Get Better At Popping Freestyle Dance

It’s time to learn how to get better at popping freestyle dance. Advice and tips to help you get started in dance and or get better at dance. Talking from the perspective of popping and hip hop dance, but this easily applied to all styles of dance.

We shout out ten tips, so take in the knowledge and like the video, subscribe to the channel and comment and give feed back, thanks 😉 and much love to music.

If you follow the tips below, you’ll see in improvement; you’ll get better at popping, freestyle dance, hip hop dance or what ever dance style you most often practice. And that’s important to remember…practice!


The Tips: How To Get Better At Freestyle Popping

Tip #1: Musical Ear – 0:41

The way a dancer listens to music is different from any other person or even artist. Dancers just don’t hear it and feel it; we move to it, we beautifully react to it in a way that communicates something only dance can. You have to show people the part of the music they can’t hear…show them the what the music looks like.

Tip #2: Love & Passion for Dance – 1:03

Passion is what will push you through any headaches you’ll have with dance. Maybe some insecurities or a move you can’t get right. When you love dance, you’ll always dance and you’ll improve no matter what. Also when you truly love dance, you’ll always turn to it as an outlet to express any emotions you feel in good times or bad. It’s something that will forever be a part of you and that’s a beautiful thing.

Tip #3: What Kind of Dancer are You – 1:27

Now in the video it may come of as if I’m trying to restrict a dancerShould of articulated it better, but mixing styles is great and one can create a style all their own (a signature style). With that being said…starting out, it’s better to lay a good foundation of just learning a few styles, and then when you progress and sufficiently learn a style, then of course; branch out and try something new. So that tip was more towards beginners, and wasn’t meant to mean limit one’s self. So yeah balance ones learning and always look to grow as a dancer. I think that’s what my younger self was trying to get at.

Tip #4: Don’t Learn too Much at Once – 2:09

Relates to the above tip. When learning a dance style, focus on getting that style to at least an intermediate level (preferably high level) before taking on more styles. I would say to at most practice two styles at a time. That way you’ll be honed in on getting better at your dance style and won’t get side track, you’ll progress a lot smoother and faster.

Tip #5: Practice Foundational Techniques – 3:13

Now again relates to the above two tips. Don’t take on ticking before you learn popping; don’t learn the body wave before you learn the arm wave; don’t attempt choreographing before you explored yourself as a freestyle dancer. Learn the foundational styles and techniques for the dance as opposed to regurgitating moves. Foundation will give you the “building blocks” to create your “house”, your own dance.

Tip #6: Practice In Front of the Mirror and Also Away – 4:07

The mirror is the dancers best friend and annoying friend. Meaning it can help and hurt a dancer. Use it in the beginning to correct form and technique but then step away from it way once you get it right. One of the biggest take aways is to dance twice as much away from the mirror as you do in front of it. You’ll become a more natural and vibrant dancer. The mirror is simply a tool you should use sparsely.

Tip #7: Go Out and Dance – 4:43

You got to get feedback and feel the great feeling of sharing what you love to do with people. Showing your dance will be hard at times, but the vulnerability you show will reward you a great time and great vibes. Show your dance!

Tip #8: Have Confidence & Find Your Swagger – 5:11

Now here is a word I haven’t used in a while but is fun to use (swagger). You got to show not only your confidence but your unique brand of confidence; your swagger. When your confident in your dance, people watching will enjoy it 10x more. I’m serious here, it may seem simple and short but the effect it has is not; it makes your dance shine and leaves the best impression.

Tip #9: Take the Criticism – 5:48

Now with showing your art you welcome your self to opinions and criticism. The best way to handle it is to consider healthy and informed criticism that has your best interest; both with the good and bad criticism. If you keep getting the same type of criticism on a particular part of your dance, it might be worth taking a good consideration and look at. And with a large amount of good feedback, don’t let it to go to your head.  Always look to learn and improve. Dance  is a life long journey of always being better than yesterday.

Tip #10: Have Energy – 7:10

Related to the confidence and swagger tip above. This one is has a big impact. When dancing, it is important to dance with a large amount energy; it allows you dance with more  forcefulness and magnetism. It takes some effort but it will leave the best impression of your dance and you’ll get a better feeling and vibe out of your dancing. There is stark difference between a dancer who doesn’t put out enough energy and one who does. And an even bigger difference between one that knows how to control it.

Tip #11: Keep Loving Dance – 8:01

By being a dancer and seeking to improve in dance you’re in sense already carrying out this tip. Just don’t forget why you dance in the first place, because you love it. Keep loving dance and you’ll always get better at it no matter what.

Just Dance…Oh And Keep In Mind These Tips

If you follow these tips you’ll improve  not only your dance skills, but also dance mindset and that is just as important. If anyone reading has any great tips for dancers, feel free to leave it in a comment here. And also let me know what tips you found most helpful. Talk to you soon.

Move & inspire,

Alex Gomes

The Video: How To Get Better At Popping Freestyle Dance

The video how to get better at popping freestyle dance is more for beginners to intermediate. But be on the look out for a video for complete beginners and advance dancers coming soon.

Also feel free to check out the how to get better at popping freestyle dance video on Youtube and subscribe to the channel to stay updated on new videos.

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About the Author:

Alex Gomes
Alex Gomes is a Visual/ Sound/ Movement Producer who creates to live and lives to creates. He uses his visionary skills and unique brand of creativity to craft new music and tell creative stories. He is the founder of With Gomes Productions.


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