Alex Gomes

Who Am I?

Hello there, my name is Alex Gomes. I’m  a music producer/storyteller with an innate need to inspire and create.  I use unique and innovative sounds, compositions, and techniques to craft new music and new intuitive movements and visuals to craft new stories. I’m the founder of With Gomes Productions. What I love and what also thrills me about the arts is its individuality and expressiveness. While also the arts can connect with people and deliver a message. Whether it be sound, visuals, body, voice or movement; there is abundance of that people can communicate through artistic content and the human soul. Through strong communication and expression, I feel the world will prosper in terms of relation, health, connection, energy and ideas.
  • Music Producer
  • Storyteller

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Alex Gomes
Alex GomesFounder of With Gomes Productions
 There is story and idea every day that people can tell; each new day brings a new grain of inspiration, truth and discovery, it’s up to us all to share, and create to the best of our abilities and then push it even further beyond. I look forward to working with the talented driven people who I come in contact with. Action, creation, innovation, dedication…results.

Some Highlights & More Info

I love working on new projects and creating and executing ideas with people. When working with clients and or collaborating with people to put out  new work, there  are several things I look for and of those things what makes a project amazing to work on; it is people who:
  • Take their work seriously and hold it to a standard
  • Passionate about what they do
  • Great at communicating and expressing ideas
  • Hold conviction in choices they make
  • Strive to innovate and inspire
At the launch of this website, there will be an array of new blog posts, videos and music
With whatever project I start on, I always have usually an idea and vision of the final product so that I know what direction I’m taking it. Whether its music, dance or cinema I take my work through a developed process that I explain all through out this website: the FAQ, services, and blog page.
When I was younger, my way to creatively express my self was through writing stories, fast forward a couple of years later and I discovered dance. A couple of years of really listening to music expressing movement and myself through music, I got interested in how music is actually created. I studied music theory and then got a hold of a DAW (digital audio workstation)  and started to build up my creative resources and my craft . Also Through this development I also noticed that I had a knack and love for video production, I unknowingly developed it from shooting early dance videos and editing them  together, So I also went to develop my cinematic skills and build up the creative resources in that as well. Put this all together and you have Alex Gomes; an artist who can express ideas, stories, concepts through sounds, movement and music.