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Vlog #4: BTS Look At The “Here Dance Short Film” and Thoughts On The Impact of Art

/, Dance, Video/Vlog #4: BTS Look At The “Here Dance Short Film” and Thoughts On The Impact of Art

Vlog #4: BTS Look At The “Here Dance Short Film” and Thoughts On The Impact of Art

This is Vlog #4. In this vlog I discuss some of the story elements and concepts explored in the “Here” Dance Short Film: dropping Saturday, May 28, 2016. You get a BTS look of the dance short film, and I also give my thoughts on the wonders of art and its importance to the world.

There are shots used this vlog that are for most part outtakes and ungraded (meaning uncolored for final artistic look and fine tuned); there are couple shots that I might put in the final cut as the final sequences are in post production, but basically all of the shots are of ungraded outtakes that are cool but just didn’t make the final cut of the short film.

I’m excited to share this vlog with you as it teases to the bigger project that I’m of course even more excited for. Look out for more BTS looks at the “Here” Dance Short film on Instagram and Twitter leading up to the release of the short film: Saturday, May 28, 2016 and be sure to subscribe. Talk to you again soon!


Create & inspire,

Alex Gomes

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Want another BTS look at the upcoming dance short film. Here is another post detailing some of the process of the “Here” Dance Short Film: when we were scouting for party goer extras.

Credits & Links:
Vlog Edited and Produced By: Alex Gomes & Lucas Pires
Vlog Footage & Outtakes From “Here Dance Short Film Shot By: Lucas Pires, Alex Gomes, Steve Pennine,
Jordan Mellow & Samuel Bent-Ellis

For business inquires, email: alexgomes@withgomesproductions.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/WithGomesProductions

Alex Gomes:
Twitter: @AlexGomesWGP
Instagram: @alexgomeswgp
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/AlexGomesArts

Lucas Pires:
Instagram: @its_vividmedia
Twitter: @its_vividmedia

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About the Author:

Alex Gomes
Alex Gomes is a Visual/ Sound/ Movement Producer who creates to live and lives to creates. He uses his visionary skills and unique brand of creativity to craft new music and tell creative stories. He is the founder of With Gomes Productions.

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