About This Piece

The “Vintage Soul “instrumental was built around a certain theme and sound, being the idea of vintage and contrasting it with modern and new age sounds. The Piece was influenced by film scores, edm, neo soul and electronica.  I experimented more than usual in this piece and felt my self grow as a producer and artist.

The Concept and Theme

The idea evolved and progressed as I improved upon the arrangement. I paralleled the concept of vintage; using vinyl/tape noise and warmth with time; clock percussion and a reverse piano with also modern techniques; sound sculpting effects and new age sounds. So it’s a idea of vintage meets modern meets the futureAt our core we want to be timeless but we want want part of ourselves to be in tune of what’s happening in the world around us and we also want to set trends and be ahead of our time. That’s what the concept of this instrumental was inspired by; our soul being in tune with different wavelengths or time-lengths if you will. Remember timelessness is the foundation, modern is the flare and future is the style. Time tells all and time is a wonderfully interesting topic to think about.

You can listen to the “Vintage Soul” (beat) instrumental here:

Create & inspire,

Alex Gomes

Any Additional Credits & Links
Artwork credit for cover art goes out to noMirar.

Sample credits: This instrumental contains a sample (that is sound redesigned) from “Is This Happiness” By Lana Del Rey
For licensing and exclusive rights inquires, email: alexgomes@withgomesproductions.com
Soundcloud: @AlexGomesWGP
Twitter: @AlexGomesWGP

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