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The Music Industry; My Future Contributions Within It

/, Music/The Music Industry; My Future Contributions Within It

The Music Industry; My Future Contributions Within It

Where I Found Music, I Found Passion (A Wonderful Discovery and My Path To Become A Music Industry Player)

When I discovered how much music moves me I was hooked, when I found out how much music moves people, I fell in love. Being raised by a single mother with a humble upbringing and moving place to place every couple of years; I was crippling shy…until I taught myself how to dance. I found myself enamored with sounds and music. As I continued to listen and interpret music, my interest and discovery of how the music is made, led me to a path I didn’t know I would go on.

People and Music

Music is a vital force in people’s life, the soundtrack of our lives sits in the musical beds and words created by an awesome group of dedicated people who want it to sound good and feel good. It’s about the people and the music.

So yes, I ‘am fascinated by two things: people and music. I pride myself in my ability to bring people together for a project.  It’s in the ways of how I communicate and connect with people. One person brings so much color to music, so imagine a group that is brought together in the right creative environment to create musical magic. I get people involved, enthused and inspired to work on a project.

For the music industry I will bring these wonderful communication, networking and people skills and create solid connections and relationships with people that’ll go beyond music. Great music comes from people who are creating in an invigorating setting that also have solid relationships with the people their working with. It just so happens they share a commonalty of the love of the music.

I’m able to see the best of what a person has to offer, and see what I can do so that we can create the best possible work imaginable and thus see the vision they desire a reality. It’s not only obsessively listening to the sound to make it feel right but listening to the collaborator to see their message thorough and realize what it is they want to say the world.

Lets Push The Culture Forward (Innovating in the Music Industry)

The industry will continue to adapt and evolve with the advancements with technology. Thought it’s important to keep the communication and creation of music grounded in an organic fashion; rooted in musicality, spontaneity, passion, liveness, emotions, people, and thus of course keeping the human element.

With the vast palate of sounds, intuitive software and tools available, it leaves limitless possibilities in what can be created. Which in turn leaves room for innovation; which is what I’m thrilled to bring to the music industry.

I will bring a fresh (in the know) perspective for production, knowledge of what works and an open mind to try something new, to impact people in ways they didn’t expect. I love my ability to shift between visionary and subjective listener so that I can create a great listening experience that I know will give the industry and listeners of the world great experiences and stories told with deeply rich eargasmic (or ear candy) sounds and soulful layered lyrics. I will push the culture forward with creativity, collaboration, innovation, style, a distinct and flexible sound, deliver music that will impact and grow with the musical culture; the people.

Everyday We Live To Grow

I love immersing myself in my craft; being fully in tune with the music and sounds (pun intended). The possibilities are endless with music and that is very inspiring and wonderfully beautiful. Sounds and music allow me bring out the best in me and in other people; it allows me to impact people in ways that are visceral and beyond comprehension. I have an obsessive need to make myself into a better creative; a person who will able to give back to the world with my musical craft.

It was once I solved the puzzle of how music is made, that the puzzle of creating great music made me discover that my purpose and passion is to create and bring people musical projects that would move, save, impact and inspire people like the music I listened to and continue to discover. No matter how much the music industry adapts in the ways it makes money or the way the people distribute music or grows in the vast possible ways people can create music. The music industry will continue to make music that moves our hearts, feet and minds and I plan on being a part of that.

Create and inspire,

Alex Gomes

What do you want to see new people in the music industry bring to the table?! Love to hear from you!

Soundcloud: @AlexGomesWGP

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About the Author:

Alex Gomes
Alex Gomes is a Visual/ Sound/ Movement Producer who creates to live and lives to creates. He uses his visionary skills and unique brand of creativity to craft new music and tell creative stories. He is the founder of With Gomes Productions.

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