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WGP’s Four Areas of Expertise

With Gomes Productions excels in music production, cinematic production and dance.  If you want to create quality new content and deliver it to an audience , you came to the right place. We’ll deliver a creative new piece of media or help bring to life an idea of your own. We here to make all your creative ambitions a reality. We create new infectiously innovative music, videos, and choreography, and can showcase it all with stunning sound, feel and visuals. We’ll create inspiring content for you to feed the soul and interest of your audience. From music to dance to short films; if you’re looking to make a quality statement with any of said art, then look no further, we would love to work and collaborate with you, to create new content that will get you the results you need.

Our Services

WGP can for you; create beautiful new music, choreography and cinematic videos. Smoothly combining all these elements or honing in one element and executing decisive vision and results.

WGP does sell great music for you to use in your projects, but what if you have a certain sound in mind or want a fully custom piece of music that you can take through various stages of the music production process…Well we got you covered, we will work closely with you to create great piece of music that you can have a say on how is created and be glad to put in your project and show your audience. For more info on this service see the pricing options page, and then the invoice page to get started today.

Through each step we’ll take a song deeper into production to create a new piece of great music to use in project or show to an audience. It’s all up to how far you take the process; you very well may want to go all to post -production. But with any stage you’ll collaborative with us to you to create and improve upon an idea and produce it; we’ll work to:

  • Compose the song: Write out a melody, rhythm, chord progression, additional harmony and even lyrics if need be.
  • Track the song: record all written pieces of music with wonderful sounds of your choice or direction and deliver the stems of audio.
  • Arrange the song: Organize the song into sections in the best way possible; creating a interesting progression for the music (E.g. intro-chorus-verse-chorus-bridge-chorus-outro)
  • Enhance the song: Taking a good song and turning it into a great song with the right artistic choices (E.g. effects, transitions, layering) to make a song really pop!
  • Mix the song: Turn the music into a polished product, further enhancing it and creating the ultimate listening experience for your audience. A song that sounds great from start to finish.
Similar to the services found in “Custom Music Production”; For audio work that is more specific or nuanced. We can help you fix, edit or create a piece of sound, and enhance, sweeten, polish, or mix a piece of music. Basically any special audio work that you specifically want done to a piece (or pieces) of sound or music. We’ll help you take any sound and or music from bad to good, from good to great. This is negotiated between both parties and is dependent on the scope, time frame and tools needed to complete the project.
Regarding the beautiful use of  dance: WGP can put together and prepare workshops for you with any of our various dancers. The styles included are popping, hip hop, waving, tutting, and lyrical hip hop. This is negotiated between both parties and is dependent on the scope, time frame and size of workshop. What we can teach for in you in a workshop; styles , fundamentals and choreography. Here is our current list of dancers that you can use in a workshop:

  • Alex Gomes: Has been dancing for 6 years now. His style include popping, hip hop, waving, tutting, and lyrical hip hop. He specializes in isolations, hard hits and combing sharp and smooth movements with a hip-hop and popping foundation to create fun routines and style of movements that are infectiously fun to learn.
  • (Current second dancer coming soon!)
WGP will bring your video footage into post production; edit and transform it a tremendous piece of visual art for your project and audience; getting you the results you need (For more info on this service see the pricing options page, and then the invoice page to get started today.). We’ll intuitively work to:


  • Edit Footage: Artfully edit and piece together footage to tell the story you want to tell.
  • Encode Footage: Deliver final edited and completed video to best quality for you distribute to your audience or project.
  • Sound Enhance Footage: There is no question that sound is an important part of video, so making sure that meets on par with video is essential, we will bring the sound to the needed quality for your video.
  • Color Grade Footage: We’ll make sure colors are working right (with color correction) and even take a step further if need be to improve the video with artistic choices with color grading to make it shine.
  • Clean Up Video: Sometimes in the production, noise in the sound and image is captured and takes away from otherwise good footage. We’ll clean up any noise or unwanted artifacts to bring out more quality.
If you want guidance, direction and solid advice on how to execute a creative and artistic project that’ll produce you results, than your at the right place. Here at WGP, we are constantly keeping up to with the new practices, technology and techniques of music, cinema, and dance. And we also of course have the solid foundations of the techniques and practices that are tried and true and date back to the early start of the art forms.

We believe that knowledge is power; and not only that, but how you use that knowledge. We’ll talk with one on one or with your team and discuss any area of expertises. We love discussing music, dance and cinema; we’ll give you professional, useful, intuitive and easily implemented advice that’ll help with your creative endeavors and projects and help garner you better results.

We love working with people face to face. We would love to work with you! We pride ourselves and  excel at communication and collaborative work, serviceartistic direction, and also taking direction. Our primary goal is deliver and help create for you a piece of content that will push you forward in your goals. Create you a piece of art that we’ll all be proud of and get the results needed.

While all (with exception of workshops which can be planned online, but ultimately will take place with face to face interaction) of the work and services described on this site can be done online; all this and more can be done of course in person if scheduling, location and resources allow it. You can find our current location on the contact page and give us line there or email us at:  alexgomes@withgomesproductions.com. We can make arrangements to video chat, talk on the phone and or meet in person. We love to hear from you and get working on new projects.

Here at WGP we also sell content already made for you to either to license for your projects, use for your music production or simply your own personal use and enjoyment. We sell you instrumentals (beats), songs, loops, and stock video footage. We also happily give you free content here; with blog posts, music, and videos.

Why Choose Us

      • We take the producing of music, dance and video seriously (its our life work and passion); we only make the best work possible and beyond.
      • We are constantly working on and improving our craft (you can never stop growing or improving). So your getting people who are not only on their A game but also improving it every day.
      • Up to speed on the foundational practices and the new techniques and technology of today. The craft of music, dance and cinema rapidly changes; we’re on top of it.
      • An extensive and everyday growing supply of creative resources. Only the best software, sounds, plug-ins, cameras, and artistic professionals.
      • We are great at communication. We love talking and working with people. Only great service, conversation, and work ethic here.