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United Dance Showcase

//United Dance Showcase
United Dance Showcase 2017-09-07T13:04:16+00:00

Project Description

The “United Dance Showcase” is an event where dancers come together to share with everyone their dance and unite to create a visually enticing experience.

This was my first time organizing an event. The event was a dance showcase. The cause was to spread the art of dance to a new audience and raise money for the theater and science department at Barrington High School. A big thank you to everyone who helped on the show. The credits are in the video and the order of some of the performances listed below.

Although I appreciate everyone who helped in any way, shape or form; I want to take this time to highlight some people.

To Darian Wallace; I don’t know if it’s his awesome personality or charisma. But every time I reach out to him or we link up, we don’t miss a beat, he’s a cool cat. He introduced me to amazing dancers and got his own crew together.

To Chris “Whoopie”  Maisoh, he was massive help a couple of days before the showcase.  Helped me organized the show, get some dancers,  and helped one of the performers get to the show on time.

To Jean Villar who I met through the showcase, we connected right away and gave great support.

To Mike Alyward, a big supporter of the show, helped get word out locally and has a wonderful enthusiasm for art.

To Stephanie Spaziano, without her the event wouldn’t have been possible. She is a passionate woman and I learned a lot from her.

Again a warm thanks to everyone who supported, came out, helped out and performed at the showcase.

(Below is a group picture with some of the performers from the “United Dance Showcase”.

From bottom left to right: J Senor Break and Sammy Princesz Baker.

From top left to right: Jean Villar, Tony Karma, Alex Gomes, Elton Duarte, Darian Wallace, Claire Creighton and Poyfy Baez.

United Dance Showcase


Creating The “United Dance Showcase”

The concept I created and wanted for the “United Dance Showcase” was to show a variety a dance styles under one “united” roof. The “United Dance Showcase” is an event where dancers come together to share with everyone their dance, while uniting with other dancers to create moments of visually enticing euphoria.

I went out and met dancers at a couple of studios and art clubs and reached out to dancers on social media. It was a beautiful experience to meet such talented and vibrant people.

Again this being my first time producing a event I quickly learned how much hard work, leading and planning goes into creating events. I faced some bumps in the roads and a few arguments here and there, but ultimately things got taken care of and I’m proud of how I handle the direction of the event.

The night turned out great; everyone there had a blast and everyone involved did their part and it all came together to create a night that was quite refreshing. I learned a bit about artistic direction and directing through this event.

(Below is the flyer for the “United Dance Showcase” with the older version of the WGP logo.)

United Dance Showcase event



Video Description of: United Dance Showcase

With Gomes Productions presents the “United Dance Showcase”.
This is a compilation video of the event. Check out these amazing dancers. Flow of the video goes, freestyles, solos and the group performances. Below are the order of dancers by appearance in this video.

The song playing the intro and credits is “If You Crump Stand Up” by edIT.

Dancers in order of appearance & Music Selection:
Poyfy Baez (UKF Dubstep Mix) – 0:07
Haylie “Kid Crazy” Frattarelli (Move If You Wanna By Mims) – 1:38
Jean Villar (Beautiful People Remix By Chris Brown) – 2:09
Elton Duarte (Matrix By Chris Brown) – 4:39
Ninya (High Pressure By SoFly) – 5:52
Tony Karma – 7:46
Alex Gomes (The Story From My Head Dance Mix) – 8:19
Brandon Santos (Trust Issues By Drake) – 09:32
Darian Wallace – 10:34
Chris “Whoopie” Maisoh & Alex Gomes (Robot Rock Mix) – 11:19
Ben “Yo-yo Kid” Alexander (Cinema By Skrillex): 12:47
Synthetic Children – 14:28
Monster Crew & Alex Gomes – 16:34
Project 401 – 17:50
Dexter’s Lab (Rack City By Tyga) – 20:55
Equanimity – 23:45

Ending Group Cypher – 27:33
Credits – 28:43

Look forward to future events. If anyone seeing this wants a event organized involving music, dance or cinema, email: alexgomes@withgomesproductions.com

Project Details


Project URL:

Video of Event

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