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Podcast #3: Here Is WGP, Here Is a Dance Short Film

/, Music/Podcast #3: Here Is WGP, Here Is a Dance Short Film

Podcast #3: Here Is WGP, Here Is a Dance Short Film

In today’s podcast we address the recent name change and growth of WGP (With Gomes Productions); how I came to the new name and realize WGP as a brand and movement.

(This segment is from 00:22 to 3:29)

We also discuss the new project dropping soon on May 28 that embodies the brand of WGP with questions asked by Vivid Media (who is also one of the collaborators on the project); the “Here Dance Short Film”. In particular regards to the dance short film; one of the big scenes for the short film which is the house party scene.

(This segment is from 3:41 to 8:25)

Take a listen to Podcast #3:


Podcast #3: “Here Is WGP, Here Is a Dance Short Film



– The New Name

– The House Party Scene For “Here Dance Short Film”



Podcast #3: Transcript Snippets & Excerpts

Segment On Name Change Beginning Snippets;
“Hey So Today I bring Podcast #3. In this one were going address two things, One being the name change, and then also the “Here Dance Short Film”. In particular the house party
scene we shot back in March. And it’s cool, it makes sense to combine the two in this podcast, because that project and the process of creating and executing it embodies what
the brand is about and was part of the part of process of launching the new evolution of WGP; With Gomes Productions. I talked it about on various platforms on the website as
we evolved into the new name.”
“I came up with the previous name before I even realized I was creating a brand, a movement, idea, a company, a team.”

Segment On Name Change Outro Snippets;
“With Represents Collaboration, Gomes represent an idea (it’s just not there as being my last name). It’s about collaborating with a person and empowering each other. As people
we empower each other, we can harness each other gifts, creativity, passions and talents and create great works of art that can do a lot. It’s more than putting your last name
in a company to try to instill a personal identity in a company, it’s more much more detailed and nuanced then that. And Productions represents the producing of the arts that be
music, dance and cinema under a solid framework and vision.”

Segment On House Party of “Here Dance Short Film” Beginning Snippets;
“The crew was fucking amazing, from how open their were to the executing the vision, being a part it and doing whatever they can to help. I’m definitely going give proper due
credit in the video, but there was a lot of different people who came together as an collective and shined, and did their part, and it came together beautifully.”
“Your constantly talking to somebody, there is never moment when you’re taking a breath, if I did, it was outside maybe for like ten seconds (laughs). I love it though, I love
being a part of something where you know part of you is responsible for bring people together and creating an good experience while creating art.”

Segment On House Party Scene of “Here Dance Short Film” Outro Snippets;
“The house party was a living breathing character with its own flaws and perfections just like a person and it was dope seeing it come to life. Location scouting was fun and I
give a huge thank you to my aunt for allowing me to use her house, it’s an humbling and amazing feeling when family support what you do.”
“It was cool, people experiencing a film shoot while being at a house party and the crew and experiencing a house party while at doing a film shoot.”
“This has been Alex Gomes of With Gomes Productions, talk to you again soon!”

Create & inspire,

Alex Gomes

 Additional Details

A Thank you to Lucas Pires of Vivid Media for helping out with the segment on the house party scene of the “Here Dance Short Film” for this podcast.

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Music Featured In This Podcast:

“Mellow Vibes: Instrumental (Produced By Alex Gomes)

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Alex Gomes
Alex Gomes is a Visual/ Sound/ Movement Producer who creates to live and lives to creates. He uses his visionary skills and unique brand of creativity to craft new music and tell creative stories. He is the founder of With Gomes Productions.

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