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Freestyle Choreo By Alex Gomes | PARTYNEXTDOOR – “Break From Toronto”

/, Video/Freestyle Choreo By Alex Gomes | PARTYNEXTDOOR – “Break From Toronto”

Freestyle Choreo By Alex Gomes | PARTYNEXTDOOR – “Break From Toronto”

Got a “Break From Toronto” freestyle video here for you today or Freestyle Choreo I should say. Freestyle Choreo is a concept I’ve played around with before and it was fun using it to this song.

When I was thinking of a song to dance to, the one song that kept coming to mind was “Break From Toronto By PARTYNEXTDOOR. My sister put  me on to the song. The song had a smooth atmospheric brooding vibe that caught my attention right away.

Since I recently had fallen in love with choreographing; I hadn’t free-styled in a while. So I had to lab to get the creative/improvisation groove going. The concept I came back to was Freestyle Choreo. Now it’s a term that people  have used before, but in the future I definitely want to flesh out the concept more.

I wanted to freestyle to the song but I also wanted the video to have production value as well and Freestyle Chore allows me to express improvisation and pace/plan the video to how I want it  to turn out.

And the way I think about is not just in terms of dance but also cinematic editorial patterns that enable me control in how I want to showcase my take on a piece of music when I incorporate freestyle and to do that I have choreograph certain parts with framing and editing in mind. So I think my concept of Freestyle Choreo is different from other people if anyone has thought much about the concept. My take on Freestyle Choreo also involves also patterns and visuals, and of course improvisation and choreography.

Video description of “Break From Toronto” Freestyle Choreo

The concept of the video is a drunk person who further gets intoxicated in order to get a bigger buzz. As the rest of the day leading into the night (metaphorically) goes on…he gets more drunk and gets a buzz that feels a lot like lot dance.

Now I’m not endorsing the abuse of drinking. The abuse of of anything really, leads to destruction. Everyone can enjoy a good drink now and again. Just drink and party responsibly, and the good times we’ll stay smooth.

The song in the video is “Break From Toronto” by PARTYNEXTDOOR. A song that got my attention the minute I heard the intro. I enjoyed the song’s style and vibe.

The Video: “Break From Toronto” Freestyle Choreo

Move & inspire,

Alex Gomes

Feel free to check on the “Break From Toronto” Freestyle Choreo video on Youtube and subscribe to the channel to stay updated on new videos.

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About the Author:

Alex Gomes
Alex Gomes is a Visual/ Sound/ Movement Producer who creates to live and lives to creates. He uses his visionary skills and unique brand of creativity to craft new music and tell creative stories. He is the founder of With Gomes Productions.

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