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News/Update: “With Gomes Productions” (The New Name)

//News/Update: “With Gomes Productions” (The New Name)

News/Update: “With Gomes Productions” (The New Name)

The New Name

It’s time for change. I have decided after needed deliberation and brainstorming to change the name from “Wavy G Productions” to “With Gomes Productions”. Keeping with the WGP acronym.

This is the next step for WGP. I want the business to continue to grow; and to do that I need to do three things: create more content, create a talented group of people and elegantly brand the company and I feel this new name will do the latter along with a couple other small changes along the way.

Origins of WGP

My idea for this business model concept started with dance. I created dance videos and dance events when I was in high school, I wanted a name to put along aside the videos and events I was creating with little thought of it being a business and brand. I gave the name of the company from the dance nickname that was given to me. I eventually changed my dance name to Element Twelve; the next arc in my journey as a dancer. Around this time I found my video skills and some time after I found my huge fascination, skillful capacity, and love for music production.

I  decided to keep name “Wavy G Productions” for the start of this business because of nostalgia and because it related to the word wave for the metaphorical sense of a what wave is, the urban slang wavy and sound waves. And there was g which sounded it could mean gangster if you didn’t know the founder (me) but really means Gomes (my last name) represented by the first letter of my last name. It all adds up to a name that I hold some fondness and love for but had this nagging feeling that should be changed to something with more simplicity and elegance. So now we have the new name: “With Gomes Productions”.

To move forward and grow, you have to continue make moves that involve changes and improvement.

Naming WGP: “With Gomes Productions”

I always liked the acronym of WGP the way it sounded and was shaped. It is also why I used WGP lot more than saying the full name because I like I said , I  would have this feeling that I should change the name but WGP always sounded right. So I decided to use those same letters to create the new name. The “With” represents togetherness, teamwork, collaboration. The great works of art that will be created by groups of talented and passionate people. With of course my creative direction and vision directing projects or me choosing people to take creative leads to on projects. The “Gomes” I used because I want to combine personal branding within the company. although it is still a business and this where I add the “productions” and the “with” to the name to describe WGP: collaborative efforts (with a unified and or influential vision) that creates great cinema, music and dance.“Productions” was a no brainier as what WGP does is produce and create art.

Although at this point I ‘m a one man show I want to bring people in to expand the potential and power of WGP, and this name is the next big step in doing so. I started this website a year ago and it has been wonderful process seeing it grow and get populated with content and visitors. This year was me figuring out processes and systems and further developing the business model.

“With Gomes Productions” is the next step of the growth of WGP.

WGP is about pushing forward culture and entertainment  and arts with the power of music, dance and cinema with music being the central force that holds and drive the content forward. Over the summer I will be making the moves to transition the company to “With Gomes Productions” as the new name for the company and will also being making a vlog and podcast to further cement the change. I’m will also be creating two new instrumentals which will reach the ten instrumental mark I set for myself before I start working with vocalists and artists. I’ll continue to let you know of any major changes or news for WGP through this news/update posts. There will be a two month gap before I post this content. Following that, things will continue move forward as I create more content, gain more support and start to build the team.

Create & inspire,

Alex Gomes

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Alex Gomes
Alex Gomes is a Visual/ Sound/ Movement Producer who creates to live and lives to creates. He uses his visionary skills and unique brand of creativity to craft new music and tell creative stories. He is the founder of With Gomes Productions.

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