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Life Through A Lens

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Life Through A Lens

Introducing Samuel Bent-Ellis to WGP

Foreword & Notes By Alex Gomes

I’m excited to introduce Samuel Joseph Bent-Ellis; he is a film maker and photographer with a intuitive eye on not only cinematography and photography but the arts. He is a good friend and we have been frequently getting to work on projects, kicking it and getting to know one another views on the arts and culture. I met him through various shenanigans in a media college club. He is the fucking man. From the moment I met him we clicked. From the great discussions we have, his intuitive perspective on the arts and video, calming personality and boss style; he is someone I’m glad to have met and look forward to future collaborations with. Here is Samuel Bent Ellis ladies and gents.

Aspiring Filmmaker. Let’s Paint Something.

Me Chillin     the wonders of a coffee shop

Hi my name is Samuel Bent-Ellis. I’m a film maker/ photographer with a serious coffee addiction, I invite everyone I work with to paint something with me.

I remember taking photos with a blue Kodak point and shoot camera. I was curious and bored and was dabbling in different things at the time. But it fostered in me a interest and growing passion for still photography which would later help me with video. One day I turned the dial on my camera and discovered the video setting and began to mess around with it.

I went on to create videos and learning as I go.

I’am Sam,  I’m a filmmaker. I’m heavily inspired by sounds and music Through my work I’d like to make people feel some type of way.

Seeing The World, Being Present In The Moment


Nothing grounds me more the in present than filming on location. Out there creating and capturing moments. When you’re doing something your passionate about, it has your full attention.

I’m not just out on site watching the filming take place, it’s never felt like that, we’re part of this very important time period that’s happening almost like an anomaly in time, it took place and it’s just happens to be on film and we are now sharing it with others. That’s one way to look at it,one way which I prefer. These stories are very much real, because they derive from some emotion, song, situation and someone’s mind.

What The Film Maker Sees and How They Show That With Their Lens

violet vision by laughtrack

Camera movement and compositions can transcend your fucking mind to new places you didn’t think was possible. They show you things in a different way that you might not have noticed otherwise. It takes something that is so simple and make you never you look at the same way again.

You’re looking to use the images that will best tell the concept or story you want to tell.

Sometimes it’s intuition, or your could call it winging it or going off instinct, but you’ll have a gut feeling. You’ll know once you see that shot, that’s the shot you were looking for.

Life As We See It Changed Through A Lens

Any thing that is put through a camera lens is altered from what we see with our eyes.

A storyteller uses the lens as a bridge to communicate his ideas. They take what they visualize in their mind and bring it to life.

Preservation Through The Lens. Capturing Moments.

What I’ve enjoyed most about discovering video is seeing all the footage over the course of however × # of months compiled together for a final product. Sacrificing the moment to preserve it is one of the hardest things to do. Anyone whose been behind a camera knows that.  We are the documentarians (not a word, but eh), capturing the moments around us, but not actively participating in them. With that said, we are there for good reason, to tell these stories,  to capture and share theses moments; so that others may embrace them. So immerse yourself in your camera , and the ways it helps you see things…you’ll be surprised at what you find through the lens.

Embrace & share

Samuel Bent-Ellis

Article Edited By: Alex Gomes

What are your thoughts about life is enhanced and captured through and with a lens. Be curious to hear from you.

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About the Author:

Samuel Bent-Ellis
Samuel Bent-Ellis is film maker/ photographer with a serious coffee addiction, he invites you to paint something.

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