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Jay Nova – “Keep It A Hunnid/ This Side” ft. Laurent | Continuation Stories

/, Music, Video/Jay Nova – “Keep It A Hunnid/ This Side” ft. Laurent | Continuation Stories

Jay Nova – “Keep It A Hunnid/ This Side” ft. Laurent | Continuation Stories


Introducing Jay Nova To WGP And Thoughts On “Keep A Hunnid/ This Side” Continuation Stories (Music Videos)

Foreword & Notes By Alex Gomes

I met Jay Nova in the beginning of this year. I invited him to a meeting for a short film that was in pre-production; I wanted  to meet him after hearing his sounds and relating to his thinking…we been having a blast and putting in solid work ever since then, most of the time together or championing each other endeavors from where every we are. I have a lot of respect for him as a person and artist and look forward to working with him tons more.

This time around we bring a music video continuation story of the songs: “Keep It a Hunnid/ This Side” by Jay Nova. Two music videos connected in story and theme. A narrative between two people who get hooked on each on other and then a look at the person that is left in the dust because of this bustling romance; an emotional conflicted boyfriend. The sparks fly between the new lovers and they get so caught up in the fun that are not ready for any blow outs. But when your deep in of midst of chemistry, can they be blamed? A music video narrative story that shows different sides to relationship messes and how at the end of the day, you go to keep it real with yourself .

The songs for the videos are by an awesome artist called: Jay Nova. One of the songs by Jay nova are called “Keep It a Hunnid”, a song with a nice bounce reminding the girl to not front on what’s going on. The track has a smooth feel to the arrangement and lyric pieces. The part two song of the music video story is “This Side” a song featuring a dope artist by the name of Laurent. The song has soothing dark yet inviting atmospheric sounds and Jay Nova and Laurent’s performance coupled with their vocal tone sits extremely well in the is mix. With the engineering of the track by Slick Mix, it’s bound to have good sound with a quality balance of instrument ion and silky voices.

The brainstorming and production process for this was a great ride, it was beautifully  unorthodox in its execution but it worked for the burst ideas that were made by us. Jay Nova had an awesome vision for the story and how it’s connected. I’ll now pass it off to Jay Nova to give you his words on the music videos, enjoy!

The music videos:

“Keep It a Hunnid”

“This Side”

Some posts on Jay, start of our collaborations and the music videos


(local urban culture site, a good post covering some of Jayn Nova’s story and also a little about we met and started collaborating)


(Coverage on the “Keep It Hunnid” music video from the prolific RnB culture website)

(Our  past collaborations and times we worked together (at the time of this writing this) are on this site: the Thayer St. Concept Video, “Here Dance Short Film” and some of the In The Mix Posts: “It’s A Party Evertwhere We Go”“Step on Stage in Style”


It’s Feel Good Music

Hey, this is Jay Nova. I’m a urban musical artist. My main genres are Hip Hop and RnB. I look to make feel good music. Music for people that brings out good emotions. I wants my vibes and good energy to impact people’s mood in positive ways. I humbly feel I’m a Entertainer to its core definition and have a very defined stage presence.

I believe in Authenticity and self-Empowerment. I believe we’re all Stars, by shining together we’ll shine brighter. Thats one of my ideas behind the idea and movement behind Team Nova. Being a part of something more than just your self. Be a Nova. An idea of collaboration and being about the people. Something that WGP represents and I enjoy about it.

Inspiration Behind Songs

The inspiration for all my songs actually comes from the beats. I typically turn a beat on, and whatever the beat is saying to me I write. The process I undertake is start with a catchy hook/chorus, then I transition to the bridge (if any) and finally the body of the verses. It works out perfect because once I have the hook I have the topic for what to write about. The concept of the story was basically a confident guy that has a go get it way of going about himself…He sees a girl he like and does what he can to impress her. Once he does he waits on her to get back to him which she does sooner than he expected. On personal life she has a boyfriend that unknowingly is driving her away little by little, until she finally contacts the other guy and agrees to meet, from there its history…Until the second video in the confrontation; “This Side” begins with a phone call to Her, “Man”. Apparently a friend of his see’s his, “girl” with the other man…I wont give out too much detail than I already have, watch the story unfold from the music videos to get the big picture.

jay-nova-keep-it-a-hunnid-music-video-leads jay-nova-ft


Music Videos To Further The Perspective and Feel of The Song

This collaborative process with all the actors and the co-director Alex Gomes was amazing. There was basic sense/ foundation of the music videos…but honestly we came up with most of the scenes in spur of moment kind of fashion and because we had to think our feet and be resourceful with what we can do at the moment. This being my first music videos I approached it in a very fluid way, I learned a lot and I’m proud of  everyone’s efforts; it led to something great.

I believe Music Videos are Sooo important in getting the music artist’s full clear vision across. For one, when people first hear a song they automatically relate it to themselves and their own experiences, so if they cannot relate with the song they probably won’t understand it, and if they don’t understand it, then they will probably not like it. But when you make a music video with a clear message behind it,  It can further hit home and give whoever loves it even more to love about it or whoever is on fence on a new chance to connect and attract new listeners who can be potential lovers of the song. And you will make true fans that will have love for you, and love you for you. That understand who you are because they understand your music, which is your full vision.

I hope you enjoy my music and the visuals that we made. Share the experience.

The Videos: “Keep A Hunnid/ This Side” Continuation Story


Experience & shine

Jay Nova

Feel free to check out the “Keep It A Hunnid/ This Side” Continuation Story on Youtube and subscribe Jay Nova’s personal artist channel to stay updated on his new videos.

Article Edited By: Alex Gomes


Directed & Produced By: Alex Gomes & Jay Nova
Editing, Choreography & Cinematography: Alex Gomes
Visual Concept & Music By: Jay Nova
Cast: Jay Nova (Male Lead), Indya Lailler (Female Lead), Laurent (Upset Boyfriend) Ruth Nova, (Girls) Krysan Davidson (Girls) Javier Moya (Dancers), Jean Villar (Dancers)
Production Assistance: Angelique Mendes,  Ruth Nova, & Jeff Moy
Special Thanks: Coffee Exchange, New Harvest Coffee & Spirits, Colosseum (Some of the Shoot Locations)
Music: “Keep It A Hunnid”  By Jay Nova & “This Side” By Jay Nova Ft. Laurent (Track Mixed by Slick Mix)

Connect With Us:

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To book Jay Nova: beefent02895@gmail.com

Jay Nova:
Facebook: @JayfnNova
Instagram: @jayfnnova

Alex Gomes:
Twitter: @AlexGomesWGP
Instagram: @alexgomeswgp

Facebook: @WithGomesProductions

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About the Author:

Jay Nova
Jay Nova is an urban musical artist. His main genres are hip hop and rnb. He looks to make feel good music. Music for people that brings out good emotions. He wants his vibes and good energy to impact people's mood in positive ways.

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