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In the Mix: “It’s A Party Everywhere We Go”

/, Dance, Event, Video/In the Mix: “It’s A Party Everywhere We Go”

In the Mix: “It’s A Party Everywhere We Go”

Today we introduce a new type of post called “In The Mix”. In these kinds of posts I’ll recap any cool projects that are done in collaboration with other brands and artists, things that wouldn’t fit into News/ Update post, smaller scales projects, events and new happenings that I want to format together (mixed), and or content heavy things that have been going on with WGP, me or any of the individual team members at With Gomes Productions and anything thing else I can think of really, that would be best to mix up in one cool post.

The name in the In the Mix Post will help reveal what the post is about. I got the name for this particular post from a when Javi mentioned “it’s a party where ever we go” on one the projects in this post and it’s true; the team does bring amazing vibes and energy along with doing great work.

There are three videos WGP has recently done, two for WGP Team members and one for a model. And each one of those projects relates to a party atmosphere. You got surprise dance performance for a girlfriend, a sexy lounge event, and a spontaneous dance performance at a mall; party on everyone, party on.

Surprise Gift From Javi to Bre | The Creative Experience | Persian Rugs Choreography

The Video: 

Video Description:

Being more thoughtful in the gifts and moments we share with people is what makes for beautiful memories and we enjoy being part of experiences like that.

We had a dope time creating this video for our WGP Team member Javi. we we’re inspired by his creative way of giving a gift to his girl, Bre. A choreographed dance to smooth song in front of shimmering lit cars and family and friends, and toped it all nicely at the end (see the vid, don’t want to spoil the story the video tells).
Wishing this sexy couple even more happiness and good times.

 Credits and Links:

Directed & Produced By: Alex Gomes & Javier Moya

Edited By: Alex Gomes

Choreographed and Performed By: Darina Wallace, Javier Moya & Heibel Oreza

Cinematography By: Alex Gomes & Samuel Bent-Ellis

A big thank you to the awesome people who came and helped deliver and enrich the cool performance gift.


in the mix; it's a party everywhere we go 2

in the mix; it's a party everywhere we go 5

in the mix; it's a party everywhere we go 1


Good Times At The Providence Place Mall With Jay Nova & J. Prince

| The Creative Experience

The Video:

Video Description

Jay Nova and J. Prince take to Providence Place Mall with some of the team to share the movement with the people. Good vibes and good times.

In collaboration with: Alex Gomes & With Gomes Productions

Subscribe for more content and be sure to join the team on the next outing for a good experience!!



Credits & Links:
Cinematography & Editing By: Alex Gomes
Directing: Jay Nova
Dancers/ Artists: J. Prince, Jay Nova, & Alex Gomes
Production Assistance: Lucas Pires
Music: “Sunset” By Kid Ink

For Business & Booking inquires, email:

Jay Nova:
Instagram: jayfnnova
Twitter: _Jay_Nova

J. Prince:
Instagram: @consp1racy_

Alex Gomes:
Twitter: @AlexGomesWGP
Instagram: @alexgomeswgp

Lucas Pires:
Instagram: its_vividmedia
Twitter: its_vividmedia

in the mix; it's a party everywhere we go 3

in the mix; it's a party everywhere we go 4

Maritza Diaz Hosts Sexy Sundays Event At Vault Lounge

The Video:

Video Description from Facebook

I want to thank everyone who came out to Vault lounge to support me for SexySundays.  It was nothing but good vibes.

Credits  & Links:

Event Hosted by: Maritza Diaz

IG: Maritza._.Diaz
FB: Maritza Diaz

Video by: Alex Gomes

Instagram: @alexgomeswgp

Business Inquires: alexgomes@withgomesproductions.com


Presented By: Lex Dagreat
Thank you to special guests: Jay Nova & Joe Malaika

Maritza Diaz hosting at Vault lounge in Providence.
Thanks for your support!

First In the Mix Post; Cool Stuff

So there you have it, three cool video projects that was a both a blast (party) being in the mix of the moments and producing and shooting them.

Create & inspire,

Alex Gomes

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About the Author:

Alex Gomes
Alex Gomes is a Visual/ Sound/ Movement Producer who creates to live and lives to creates. He uses his visionary skills and unique brand of creativity to craft new music and tell creative stories. He is the founder of With Gomes Productions.

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