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Freestyle Dance By Alex Gomes & Jevany Soto | “Turn On The Lights” – Future

/, Video/Freestyle Dance By Alex Gomes & Jevany Soto | “Turn On The Lights” – Future

Freestyle Dance By Alex Gomes & Jevany Soto | “Turn On The Lights” – Future

Introducing Jevany Soto to WGP And Discussing The Recent “Turn On the Lights” Freestyle Dance Video

Foreword and Notes On Project By Alex Gomes:

This freestyle dance video was an awesome experience to create, especially along side Jevany Soto.

I usually drop the blog post and content the same day. Though I dropped the video for the freestyle dance to “Turn On the Lights” by Future early. The timing called for (better yet yelled) the video to be dropped ASAP because of the recent awesome reunion I had with Jevany. I never got to round to giving the video a proper home on the WGP site. So what better to do that then by introducing Jevany Soto to you all and having him do the post.

Quick thoughts on the project and Jevany Soto and then I’ll send the it off to him to finish the post.

jevany soto dancing  alex gomes dancing

Video Description:

This video came about and was produced in a rather spontaneous way. Me and my cousin Jevany recently caught up with each other and one morning I brought up the idea do a dance video, since it’s been too long. Jevany showed me song the “Turn On the Lights” By Future and once I heard it I knew that would be the song we danced to, great song , dope vocals and awesome sounds.

I then created a concept on the fly; keeping up with the spontaneous energy and got some help from Jevany and also my sisters with moving the production forward.
There is a underlying concept to this freestyle video but I’ll leave the interpretation to the audience.

Here is hoping that there is more collaborations between me and my bro Jevany. Hope you enjoy. Don’t forget to subscribe for more content and turn on the lights and dance!

Jevany Soto; A Person I Consider A Brother

Now I’ve known Jevany my whole life, he is my cousin but I consider him my brother along with his actual brother Cassy Soto. The friendship continues to grow and mature as we mature and grow creatively and I know that there is a lot untaped potential within him. I see him as one of greatest dancers I have ever seen. He has remarkable presence and it is hard to stay mad at or not like this guy. He is charisma is magnetic and energy is contagious.

(In the past we’ve done a  freestyle choreo video and also a workshop video. Some throwback Tuesdays videos there)

Alright now here is some words from Jevany with a short introduction and some thoughts on the project..introducing: Jevany Soto!

Expressing Through Movement

pic8 time to get it

Hi I’m Jevany Soto. I’m a student of life, a musician/ dancer. A person who is fascinated by spirituality, expression and creativity. These things energize me and allow me to connect with people on a solid emotional level. The music and rhythm speak to my heart. A profound feeling I get from it; It propels my exploration and journey.

Music has always moved me.

At Family parties, I remembered everyone dancing and having a good time. My aunts playing creole music, dad playing reggaeton music. Music and dancing to me represented togetherness. Music has impacted me, seeing it on t.v inspired me even more. In my mid teenage years I began to practice the art form and I came to realize that  it’s was my natural gift, a god give talent that I am very grateful for. I explore and cultivate my musical skills in beat-boxing, creating rhythms, poetry and bongo drums; a instruments I’m get deeply immersed in.

The song  “Turn on The Lights” by Future spoke to me like a story; I gravitated towards naturally. Between the last time I danced in a video with Alex. I danced  in solitude, in various travels to improve, learn and find myself.

travels 1  travels 2

I’m working towards my goals and becoming a better me everyday. I look to be intellectually challenged and broaden my perspective. To be inspired and inspire. I look to branch out my experiences.

To comment on the process of creating with Alex Gomes. It was a great experience that was very inspiring to me. This was my first time seeing his storytelling skills in action. Seeing his visionary talent action was great. He was particular in his direction and vision, had excellent video productions skills and impressed me with his improved dancing. I look forward to more creative experiences with my brother. Be sure to stay tuned and I’m excited for what’s to comes next, and with that said, hope you enjoy the video.

The Video: “Turn On the Lights” Freestyle




Express & discover,

Jevany Soto

Feel free to check out the “Turn On The Lights Freestyle Dance Visual” on Youtube and subscribe to the channel to stay updated on new videos.

Article Edited By: Alex Gomes


Director: Alex Gomes
Editor: Alex Gomes
Dancers: Alex Gomes & Jevany Soto
Camera Assistance: Angelique Mendes
Production Assistance: Angelique Mendes & Jevany Soto
Special Thanks: Monique Mendes & Sam Bent-Ellis
Music: “Turn On The Lights” By Future (with production by Mike Will Made It & Marz)

View: Gallery pics from the production of the “Turn On The Lights” Freestyle Video

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About the Author:

Jevany Soto
Jevany soto is a student of life, a musician/ dancer. He shares inspiration, and hope with a profound feeling through his music, dancing, and personality. He uses the love of music for healing, joy, and also his passion to pass/explore creativity. He calls for a higher purpose through creativity, spirituality, contagious energy and uplifting emotions. He wants others to prosper in their journey and be inspired by the result of the work he creates.

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