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“Here” Choreography, Dance Short Film Shoot – Casting Party Goer Extras (Set at a House Party)

//“Here” Choreography, Dance Short Film Shoot – Casting Party Goer Extras (Set at a House Party)
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Some Important Intro Information

Click For Facebook Event Page

Address of home will be given out to confirmed extras.

There will be a variety music played by a DJ, but the featured songs in the creation of the film, is a remix to “Planez” By Jeremih Featuring J. Cole, “Here” By Alessia Cara and a new song by an upcoming local artist (later revealed).

We will be filming a party as it going on; intertwined with a story unfolding. The extras just have to do what comes natural to people when they go to parties which could be a number of things of course party, be wallflower, get boisterous, dance, chill and or vibe out.

Just be you, there are so different color of personalities which of course gives everyone a unique beautiful way to them that makes parties interesting to go to, because you never who you’ll meet and what great vibe you’ll find. Feel free to bring new friends, close friends, family or a date (would actually make for a dope first date when you think about it) Look forward to seeing you there; continue to read for more info.

Flow of Shoot

3:45pm – 4:00pm – People arriving and getting settled in
4:00pm – 4:15pm – Introductions and Information
4:15pm – 4:20pm – Pumping up the jam
4:20pm – 11:20pm – Let the people party
11:20pm – 11:30pm – Hoorays and hoorahs, party a success, shoot a success

(If your up to keep the party going. You are welcome to come celebrate with us after the shoot to either the wrap (after) party or club if you can keep up and join us in celebration)

Previous Videos:
“Turn On The Lights” Freestyle:

Coke Red Moves:

With a new larger team this time around, we are looking to take the quality up a notch and push the dance world forward when comes to creating film and dancers standing as artists. And also blend the worlds of music, dance, and film.

Check out the cast call video/ promo to get a feel of the team behind this project

Note: Keep in mind that this video was made in a spontaneous fashion on a mobile device and it does not reflect the quality of the “Here” Dance Short Film project. It is meant to inform, entertain and give you a little bit of an inside look at some of the people behind the production, enjoy!



More Details Are Below

Further Details:

Calling Party Extras;
Inviting You to Party and Be Part of Visual Storytelling

So I’m calling all the awesome people who love to meet new people while having a great time, be part of something bigger than them and do something different and of course party. Now everyone parties, but how many people can say they have been to party that was part of a dance short film and helped create and tell a story. That’s what you’ll have the opportunity to do and more.

It’s choreography done to the song “Here” by Alessia Cara intertwined into this short film story, and the setting is a house party. There will be extras creating the party atmosphere.

Now I can’t give away to many details that concern to much of the surprises and the story as to not spoil the short film but once your confirmed and I have contacted you, you’re ready to go enter the world of WGP and the story that is going unfold March 5th, 2015 In North Providence RI From 3:45 PM to 11:30 PM.

But there are a lot more things I can tell you to get you up to speed and get you ready.

(Note extras can get a copy of the script, flow the story via treatment/ summary and more if they wish, I know some people would be interested in knowing the story being told that will be a part of)

To Be An Extra;
There are numerous ways to sign up to be an extra; pick the one that would be easiest for you.

On Facebook Event Page:
Accept the event invite on event page and I’ll message you back and get you squared away and ready. Facebook Event Page: https://www.facebook.com/events/747197982083821/

On Youtube:
Simply message me on there and I’ll message you back and get you squared away and ready. Youtube Page: http://www.youtube.com/c/AlexGomesWGP

Ask Through Email:

Call and Request:

1-401-660-7353 (Anytime)
1-855-727-7850 (Between 1:00pm & 11:00pm)

Some benefits of course along with being able to party for free and be part of the magic of the film making process include:

– Food and drinks
– Raffle drawn for gift card, free dance lesson (more might be added up until the day of the shoot)
– Live Performances (that will aid in energizing the party)
– Early access to the video before it released to the public

For any further questions email:



A huge thank you to Alessia Cara and the people who helped bring this song to the world. The song has such thoughtfully written lyrics with an amazing storytelling performance with sass and soul that inspired the concept for this video at just the right time in my life. And of course the production was top notch, a lush sound that takes you on a smooth journey alongside the vocals.

Look forward to seeing you all there!

Create & inspire,

Alex Gomes