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Behind The Scenes: “Here Dance Short Film”

/, Video/Behind The Scenes: “Here Dance Short Film”

Behind The Scenes: “Here Dance Short Film”

A BTS video for the “Here Dance Short Film”. Great time creating this alongside awesome people. Looking back at the process brings a smile on my face. From imagining the idea to creating the treatment (and storyboard) and then getting to the production days was a sight and vivid memory to behold. Along with a big thanks to anyone who helped in even the slightest bit and the amazing extras the house party I want to take a moment to thank the amazing cast and crew.


The Film:
and also

A Big Warm Thanks To The Awesome Cast & Crew

  javier moya and jean villar at meeting here dance short film

here dance short film house party scene bts pic 3  here dance short film house party scene bts pic 7


Samuel Bent-Ellis: There with me earlier on, helping me figuring logistics and helping out with lights and production assistance and offering amazing support. He is someone who is super dedicated and loyal and was always honest and forthright with me and I owe him a huge thanks; thank you!

Javier Moya: Was a joy to teach choreography to, always ready to go and was determined. A dope talent and offered a lot help where it counted. He had amazing enthusiasm throughout the filming process and gave an exuberant energy to the film, super dope guy with contagious positive vibes.

Jean Villar: Somebody who was all in from the get go. Had a blast teaching him choreography and appreciated his support and help in setting the party scenes and his Denzel moments in the film. He brought good force to scenes with a confident presence.

Steve Pennine: Grateful for lending some of his filming resources alongside mine and lending his creative eyes in key scenes. Also sharing cool knowledge and being an open and honest guy. Qualities people like me love working with. I had a good time collaborating with him.

Lucas Pires: An amazing dude, helped bring in creative resources and was a big player in getting the house party jumping and helped in key areas. Cool and professional, it was a pleasure working with him and his positive attitude.

Jay Nova: Along side brining his charisma, he also brought in some good talent and brought good vibes to every scene he was in and did some dope voice overs. Was hard working and dedicated to the success of the project. He is awesome person to be around.

Ameila Maggs: She was sweetheart about jumping on board around a time when her schedule was tight. I knew she would be perfect for the project and glad she is in it. Brought in a special presence to the film and awesome expressions; I appreciate her role in this short film.

Emily Mae Partington: Was glad to her talent in this project, was able to pick up the part gracefully and was open mined. Like the style of performance she brought to the character in the At Campus scene that helps kicks off the short film.

OG Domo: I can’t thank this man enough he did his thing, It’s crazy when you think about how important a DJ is not only in the creative world but just life in general; one of the key taste makers and mood setters. He made sure that everyone was having a great time at the house party scene. Big ups to him.

Angelique Mendes: My sister who gave huge support in key scenes; helped shoot the choreography interlude scene and doing make up for the female lead (Amelia Maggs) and is one of my favorite people. Huge thanks to her.

Christine Louvat: My Aunt who was wonderful enough to let us use her house for the house party scene. I owe her a great huge thanks and I’m gratefully for here generosity. She even made food for the cast and crew when I didn’t ask for it, it was out the kindness of her heart. She is a warm-hearted person and I’m happy to call family.

Supporting Cast:

To the  supporting cast who gave a life to hose party scene that is beautiful and magnificent, I give a warm thanks to these beautiful people who shined in any and all shots of them, thank you for being you;

Yara Deroux: Awesome style and presence.
Maritza Diaz: Professional and fierce.
Ismael Monterio (Izzy Fluent): Crazy swagger and persona on film.
Jahlill K. Prince Jr. (J-Prince): Dope power moves and style.
Jerykah Sanchez: Brought crazy positive energy and hype to the house party scene
Carl Occeus: Smooth block movements on camera, took direction well.
Andriea Martins: Brought some good style and vibes to the house party scene.


Be sure to check out the full short film. I Hope you enjoy a look back at the journey of the production and the process.


The BTS Visual:


To More Creativity And Bodies Of Work

I took it up a level in this video, not a concept video which are cool to do but a bigger body of work; a short film. Look forward to expanding on more content and bodies of work for With Gomes Productions.

Create & inspire,

Alex Gomes

Feel free to check on the BTS Video and or “Here Dance Short Film” on Youtube and subscribe to the channel to stay updated on new videos.

Check out the blog post on the “Here Dance Short Film”.

You can also jump to the dance sections of the “Here Dance Short Film”.

View: Gallery pics from the production of the “Here Dance Short Film”

Credits & Links:

BTS Footage Shot By:
Lucas Pires
Steve Pennine
Alex Gomes
Samuel Bent Ellis

BTS Footage Edited By:
Alex Gomes

For business inquires, email: alexgomes@withgomesproductions.com

With Gomes Productions

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/WithGomesProductions

Alex Gomes

Twitter: @AlexGomesWGP
Instagram: @alexgomeswgp

Javier Moya:
Instagram: @javi_expresz

Jean Villar:
Instagram: @jayv617

Samuel Bent-Ellis:
Instagram: shall.stay.sam.10

Lucas Pires (Vivid Media):
Instagram: @its_vividmedia
Twitter: @its_vividmedia

Steve Pennine:
Instagram: @steve_410productions

Jay Nova:
Instagram: @jayfnnova
Twitter: @_Jay_Nova

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Alex Gomes
Alex Gomes is a Visual/ Sound/ Movement Producer who creates to live and lives to creates. He uses his visionary skills and unique brand of creativity to craft new music and tell creative stories. He is the founder of With Gomes Productions.

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