In these projects and collaborations, I used my visual craft composed of the key skills of Directing & Producing and also Editing & Cinematography. 2016 was an amazing year full of awesome collaborations, discovery, growth and creativity.

I of course couldn’t have pulled off a lot of the projects without my creative collective/ multi-media production company: “With Gomes Productions” and the collaborators.

A Big Thank You To The Team And Collaborators

Some important people I want to mention and give a big thanks to:

Samuel Bent-Ellis
Jay Nova
Javier Moya
Bryan Saint Laurent
Angelique Mendes
Patrick Straus
Lucas Pires
Steve Pennine
Jean Villar
Maritza Diaz
Chris Brady
Patricio Coello

A toast to the beauty and grit of the talent and crews in these projects. It’s a wonderful thing to execute visions, artistry, ideas, and stories and while also doing solid work and growing. I’m grateful for the great group of people who I met and the people I knew beforehand, who our bonds and relationships grew stronger from these projects. Only more to come in 2017 and I look forward to where we head next and how else we can innovate and bring forth visual ideas.


The Visual Reel: Visual Reel #1 (2016 Film Reel)



Create & inspire,

Alex Gomes

Featured In Visual Reel #1

Artists and Brands featured in this visual reel:
With Gomes Productions
Feed The Streets USA
ViviD Media
Musical Artists:
Jay Nova
Bryan Saint Laurent
OG. Domo
J. Prince
Javier Moya
Project 401
Artist Of Movement
Maritza Diaz
Jean Villar
Indya Lallier
Joe Malaika
Contra Lei


Projects Featured in this visual, in order of appearance:

“Here Dance Short Film”

Jay Nova – “This Side” (Official Music Video)

Surprise Gift From Javi to Bre | The Creative Experience | Persian Rugs Choreography
Coke Red Moves

Turn On The Lights Freestyle Dance Visual:

Maritza Diaz – Tyrex Model Shoot

“Feed The Streets USA: Call To Action Community Film”

Joe Malaika – Fashion Rush Hour |  Event Visual

Jay Nova – “Keep It A Hunnid” (Official Music Video)

MO Style Monday Mix I: “All Myself & i” | Freestyle Dance

Maritza Diaz  Hosts Sexy Sundays | Event Visual

“Let’s Say We Go To Thayer ST.” | The Creative Experience

Empress – Live Performance Visual: “Circles”

Alex Gomes Choreography | “No Church In The Wild” [Kanye West and Jay Z featuring Frank Ocean]

Jay Nova & Laurent | Ascend Performance Film Highlights

Joe Malaika – Fashionably Late | Event Visual


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Additional Credits & Social Links:

Music in this video, in order of appearance:
Drake ft. Jay Z – Pond Cake (Instrumental)
A$AP Rocky – Ghetto Symphony (Instrumental)
Halsey – Colors (Stripped Version)
Drake – 0 to 100/ The Catch Up


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