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Freestyle Dance By Alex Gomes | “G.O.M.D.” – J.Cole

/, Video/Freestyle Dance By Alex Gomes | “G.O.M.D.” – J.Cole

Freestyle Dance By Alex Gomes | “G.O.M.D.” – J.Cole

Freestyle to keep yourself exploring new things, freestyling can improve your artistry. Today I’m posting a freestyle dance to the song “G.O.M.D.” by J. Cole. This track was dope; I felt I had to move to it. It is such a great track with many layers in the lyrical meanings and production style. A lot of fun wordplay and a cool beat to play with in a freestyle. There is an underlying concept in the video as with all the freestyle concept videos and the concept came together smoothly. The layers in this track from the arrangement to the switch ups, to the double meanings in the lyrics at different parts of song make this a stand out track.

The Balance Act of Free and Crafted

Exploring the freestyle side of dance is something I had to touch up on and almost rediscover about myself as I’ve been choreographing a lot more lately. You can get so use to creating and crafting ideas that you can you put some of experimentation and the spur of the moment parts to the side a little, and that’s not good because those are key ingredients to improving art and having those golden “oh wow can’t believe how that came about” moments. So I’ll be making sure to freestyle more as it does improve things a lot. As a choreographer you have to keep sharp in your spontaneous moments with dance in order to better those sessions where you take the time to paint the picture of a song. It’s something that puts you in the zone of one of the parts of dance, which is letting go/ being free.

Telling Stories Through Movement

When it comes choreographing and dance; I have been growing in how I tell stores with my movement and showing music visually. I started off with freestyle dance but I have grown into doing much more choreography than freestyle. With that said freestyling is beautiful expression of spontaneous movement that is vital to dance; you get to let loose and having a good time and also expand your movement vocabulary and find new ways of moving. It’s a statement of how your feeling in the moment that lives in that free flowing joyous moments of freestyling. You’ll see more choreography from me that freestyling because I like putting out more tailored made creations rather raw material, but of course you’ll see raw material from me if I feel like it should shared. Though at my core I love showcasing dance through my imaginative storytelling and taking a moment to fully show a song visually.

I started a segment on social media that I call “Freestyle Dance Archives” to showcase some of my lab sessions/ freestyles but I still of course post concept freestyle dance videos if it makes sense. So yeah we at WGP take free form seriously if it is worth to be showcased because creativity at its core starts off with an idea that in a sense is free flowing and then is crafted. But sometimes a creative piece of work has to be shown raw and in the moment as best it can. Feel the music, let it flow.

The Video: “G.O.M.D.” Freestyle


Create & inspire,

Alex Gomes

Feel free to check out the “G.O.M.D.” Freestyle dance video on Youtube and subscribe to the channel to stay updated on new videos.

Editor: Alex Gomes
Dancer: Alex Gomes
Cinematography: Javier Moya & Jean Villar
Music: “G.O.M.D.” By J. Cole

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Alex Gomes
Alex Gomes is a Visual/ Sound/ Movement Producer who creates to live and lives to creates. He uses his visionary skills and unique brand of creativity to craft new music and tell creative stories. He is the founder of With Gomes Productions.

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