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Choreography By Alex Gomes | “No Church In The Wild” – Kanye West & Jay Z Ft. Frank Ocean

/, Video/Choreography By Alex Gomes | “No Church In The Wild” – Kanye West & Jay Z Ft. Frank Ocean

Choreography By Alex Gomes | “No Church In The Wild” – Kanye West & Jay Z Ft. Frank Ocean

A new choreography piece to one of my favorite tracks by Kanye West & Jay Z; “No Church In The Wild” Ft. Frank Ocean. It was great choreographing to this track as this is a song that naturally got me expressing/ moving and got me envisioning the story through movement I wanted to create. Got my two right hand guys, Javier Moya & Jean Villar to learn the piece in studio. It was pleasure teaching them another piece and performing it alongside them; as they’re dope determined dancers and we’re always having good times improving ourselves in the studio.  Through each new piece I grow and explore new ways of using dance to share stories and It was an amazing experience, exploring movements to tell a story and make a statement through movement to this beautiful track. Through this piece I got to learn more about myself and share my interpretation of this song. When a song is calling you to create, you have to answer.

Music & Movement Telling Stories

This song has a great arrangement, amazing vocal performances, and riveting lyrics. When I choreograph to a piece of music it’s because the songs speaks to me, it calls for me to tell a story through movement and or visuals. The music will tell my body what the song means to me. So when I have urge to choreograph and there is song that has spoken to me on different levels; from the vibe of the song, the sound, the lyrics and the emotion the musical artist is putting into the music. I get to creating the movements and it is always a wonder to behold. I learn about myself more with each new piece. The song by Kanye West, “No Church In The Wild” is one of favorite songs by Kanye West. A great sound and beautiful lyrics. So when it came to creating the choreography it was great session of interpreting the song and pushing my skills.


face challenges be strong no church in the wild choreography


The Music Has To Speak

Now when it comes to people wanting to get choreography from me for either their music or someone wanting to collaborate or a person just wanting to see my moves to a song it’s usually not go unless I like the person and I feel there is something I can contribute to emotion of the music. It even then timing has be right and again there has things about the song that gets me going. There are songs I enjoy moving to, but music I push to choreograph to is music that demands my heart and soul to create a piece.

The Concept Is Clearly Shown

I had a concept in mind shortly after I finished creating the piece. The concept behind the video is pretty clear when you think about the title of the song and some visual cues. I don’t like spelling out the concepts because I like the audience to interpret it. I only reveal the whole concept when it makes sense to describe but this one is pretty straight forward to pick up on, I do usually give some brief thoughts or words behind the feel of the concept video. Take on new challenges; be strong. Stay confident even when out of your comfort zone, be powerful.


The Video: No Church In The Wild Choreography


Create & inspire,

Alex Gomes

Feel free to check out the No Church In The Wild Choreography video on Vimeo and or like the Facebook page to stay updated on new content.

Directing / Editing/ Choreography: Alex Gomes
Dancers: Jean Villar & Javier Moya
Music: “No Church In The Wild” By Kanye West & Jay Z Ft. Frank Ocean
Camera & Production Assistance: Angelique Mendes

For business inquires, email: alexgomes@withgomesproductions.com

Alex Gomes:
Twitter: @AlexGomesWGP
Instagram: @alexgomeswgp

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/WithGomesProductions

Jean Villar:
Instagram: @Jayv617

Javier Moya:
Instagram: @javi_Expresz

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Alex Gomes
Alex Gomes is a Visual/ Sound/ Movement Producer who creates to live and lives to creates. He uses his visionary skills and unique brand of creativity to craft new music and tell creative stories. He is the founder of With Gomes Productions.

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