wavy g productions acronym; WGP

Welcome To WGP

Here at With Gomes Productions, we create music and visuals to inspire and communicate ideas and creative messages; combining and creating music, dance and cinema. We strive to innovate in everything we do. On the WGP website you’ll find great content on the exploration on the craft of music, dance and cinema. Also services and products to help your project and creative endeavors, and in turn producing results. WGP is about the growth of music and visuals to spread creative and artistic expression. Music, dance cinema meld together so beautifully that only makes sense to bring them together under one roof. We plan on being an authority on the combining of these art forms and the growth and beauty of these art forms in action together.

Who Is WGP

To inspire and innovate with the creative arts of music, dance and cinema.
To Be uniquely us, grow everyday and strive to the best work of arts possible and beyond.
To continue to spread art and when working with people to make them great and work hard to produce them great pieces of art.

Our Crazy Skills

Dance 91
Music 95
Cinema 85
Creative Writing 79